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To be retired

This plugin no longer works when used on Experience Manager 14.1 and up, because of a refactoring of the Admin Perspective, see issue

Therefore, the plugin is no longer maintained and will probably be retired, unless a large community effort is contributed.

What is the Settings Management plugin?

The Settings Management plugin allows you to configure system settings, which are located somewhere in the repository. Before you would have to dive into the Bloomreach CMS Console and browse to a specific location to change the setting. This plugin is targeted towards admin users and webmasters, so that they can just change these settings from within the CMS UI.


This plugin for now covers only some core Bloomreach CMS settings. However configuration screens for other plugins can be added to the settings management panel. See the adding features page for more information.


This project uses the Semantic Versioning Specification.


See more screenshots.


Version 3.x runs on Bloomreach Experience Manager 14, version 2.x runs on Bloomreach XM 13, 1.0 runs on Bloomreach XM 12, 0.5.x runs on Hippo CMS 11. See more at the release notes.

How you can contribute

We need help with: - Translating the labels and tooltips for each feature (de, fr, etc) - A settings panel for your (forge) plugin - Add more panels for existing parts of Bloomreach CMS - Improve the UI of the existing plugins

See this Bloomreach Forge GitHub page on how to contribute.