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How to install the settings management plugin


These instruction assumes that you have a BloomReach CMS 13 project based on the archetype, i.e. a Maven multi-module project consisting of at least four sub-modules: cms, cms-dependencies, site and bootstrap.

Forge Repository

In the main pom.xml of the project, in the repositories section, add this repository if it is not configured yet.

  <name>Bloomreach Forge maven 2 repository.</name>

Installation in CMS

Add this property to the properties section of the root pom.xml:


Select the correct version for your project. See the release notes for more information on which version is applicable.

Add these two dependency to the pom.xml of your cms-dependencies (or cms) module:



Note: before version 2.0, the artifacts' groupId was org.onehippo.forge.settingsmanagement and the artifactIds started with hippo-addon-settings-management.

Rebuild and start your project. In case you start with an existing repository don’t forget to add -Drepo.bootstrap=true to your startup options.