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Adding configuration options for custom features

Adding or extending the configuration panels with your own BloomReach CMS plugin configuration is quite easy. It basically consists of three steps:

  • Create a new Maven project (or add an existing module to your project/plugin)
  • Add the required dependencies
  • Create a Wicket Model wrapping the JCR node that contains the configuration
  • Create a Wicket Panel for displaying the fields in the settings management panel
  • Adding the new panel to one of the existing categories (or to a new category)

Add the API dependency to your project

Add the frontend api to your custom feature module.


Select the correct version for your project. See the release notes for more information on which version is applicable.

Creating a Wicket Model

Make sure the newly created Java class implement the CMSFeatureConfig interface.

See the example below for a real-life code sample of an object wrapping the User management JCR configuration node.

public class UserManagementConfig implements CMSFeatureConfig {

    private final static Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(UserManagementConfig.class);
    private Boolean userCreationEnabled;
    private transient Node node;

    public UserManagementConfig(Node configNode) {

    private void init(Node configNode){
        this.node = configNode;
        try {
            if(node.hasProperty(ListUsersPlugin.USER_CREATION_ENABLED_KEY)) {
                userCreationEnabled = node.getProperty(ListUsersPlugin.USER_CREATION_ENABLED_KEY).getBoolean();
            } else {
                userCreationEnabled = true;
        } catch (RepositoryException e) {
            log.error("Error: {}", e);

    public Boolean isUserCreationEnabled() {
        return userCreationEnabled;

    public void setUserCreationEnabled(final Boolean userCreationEnabled) {
        this.userCreationEnabled = userCreationEnabled;

    public void save() throws RepositoryException {
        node.setProperty(ListUsersPlugin.USER_CREATION_ENABLED_KEY, userCreationEnabled);


Now that we have the simple object in place that maps to the JCR node we need to create a DetachableModel for our Wicket Panel.

public class UserManagementConfigModel extends LoadableDetachableConfigModel<UserManagementConfig> {

    public static final String USER_MANAGEMENT_CONFIG_MODEL_PATH = "/hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-admin/users";

    protected UserManagementConfig load() {
        return new UserManagementConfig(getConfigNode(USER_MANAGEMENT_CONFIG_MODEL_PATH));

Creating the Wicket Panel

public class UserManagementConfigPanel extends FeatureConfigPanel {

    private UserManagementConfigModel userManagementConfigModel;

    public UserManagementConfigPanel(IPluginContext context, IPluginConfig config) {
        super(context, config, new ResourceModel("title"));

        userManagementConfigModel = new UserManagementConfigModel();

        RadioGroup allowUserCreationRadioGroup =
            new RadioGroup("userlist-allow-usercreation", new PropertyModel(userManagementConfigModel,"userCreationEnabled"));

        allowUserCreationRadioGroup.add(new Radio("usercreation-disabled",new Model(Boolean.FALSE)));
        allowUserCreationRadioGroup.add(new Radio("usercreation-enabled",new Model(Boolean.TRUE)));

    public void save() {
        UserManagementConfig userManagementConfig = userManagementConfigModel.getObject();

        try {
        } catch (RepositoryException e) {
            error("An error occurred while trying to save event log configuration: " + e);

    public void cancel() {
        // do nothing.

And adding the markup for our panel.

<html xmlns="" xmlns:wicket="">
    <div class="settings-formfield-group">
        <div wicket:id="userlist-allow-usercreation">
            <label class="settings-formfield-label"><wicket:message key="user-creation-cms"/></label>
            <div class="settings-formfield-radio">
                <input type="radio" wicket:id="usercreation-enabled"/><label><wicket:message key="user-creation-on"/></label>
            <div class="settings-formfield-radio">
                <input type="radio" wicket:id="usercreation-disabled"/><label><wicket:message key="user-creation-off"/></label>

Adding the configuration

Be sure to create node /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-admin/settings/tabconfig/security/usermanagement

For Hippo 12, this node is bootstrapped by a yaml file, e.g. at repository-data/application/src/main/resources/hcm-config/configuration/admin/usermanagement.yaml:

      jcr:primaryType: frontend:pluginconfig
      sequence: 1.0

As you can see you can control the order of your item in an existing category by changing the sequence property of the node.

Before you start it’s highly recommended to take a look at the existing code for examples and references.