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As of 2017-07-14, this project is retired! This site is kept online for archiving purposes for the time being. Due to the lack of a developer community, the codebase was no longer actively maintained and the synchronization based integration (between CMIS repository and JCR repository) of this project has been too problematic to use in production in many cases. The team therefore had no other choice but to retire this project. If you are looking for an integration library for a CMIS repository, please consider using Hippo CMS External Document Picker Base plugin and CRISP API as one of alternatives.

What is CMIS Replication Module?

CMIS Replication Module provides replication of documents from CMIS repository to Hippo Repsitory. CMIS Replication Module reads documents from a dedicated (normally published) CMIS folder and upload the documents to a specified assets folder in Hippo Repository with CMIS metadata.

So, each asset document imported from CMIS repository has the following mixin type:

[cmisreplication:cmisdocument] mixin
- cmisreplication:objectId (string)
- cmisreplication:name (string)
- cmisreplication:createdBy (string)
- cmisreplication:creationDate (date)
- cmisreplication:lastModifiedBy (string)
- cmisreplication:lastModificationDate (date)
- cmisreplication:versionLabel (string)
- * (string) multiple

Based on the metadata, CMIS Replication Module also synchronizes documents between CMIS Repository and Hippo Repository.

Project status

To check the latest version of the CMIS Replication Module, please see Release Notes.