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HST Base Components

org.onehippo.forge.utilities.hst.component.BaseComponent extends BaseHstComponent

BaseComponent gets local parameters 'cssclass' and 'id' from configuration and sets any values on the request under the same attribute names.

org.onehippo.forge.utilities.hst.component.Container extends BaseComponent

Container is used for dynamic rendering of HST component in your jsp.

HST version 2.04 and up has a hst:defineObjects tag to render all child components in the order they are configured. Container supports rendering child components in a custom order.

It reads the child component names and sets the values on the request under the attribute name 'includes', which is a list.

Beforehand, it sorts the component child names alphabetically. Derived classes can adjust the sorting by configuring a 'sorting' parameter and implementing a sort algotythm.

In the frontend, the child includes can be used in the <hst:include> tag as follows:

  <c:forEach var="include" items="${includes}">
    <hst:include ref="${include}" />

org.onehippo.forge.utilities.hst.component.ForwardComponent extends BaseHstComponent

Component that does a forward on the response base on the component configuration parameter named 'forward'. The parameter should reflect a site map path starting with a "/" and is relative to the root of the HST sitemap.

org.onehippo.forge.utilities.hst.component.RedirectComponent extends BaseHstComponent

Component that does a redirect on the response or on the component, based on the component parameters 'type' (value 'response' or 'component') and 'redirect' (site map path).