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Gallery Magick Image Core Library


Gallery Image Processing Core is an image file processing library which achieves the goals using any of these:

org.onehippo.forge.gallerymagick.core.command.ScalrProcessorUtils utility class provides a pure Java based image identifying/resizing solution.

When using a non-Java based solution (either GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick), it executes commands (such as gm convert or convert) of either GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick to manipulate image files.

This library provides the following components and utilities:

  • ScalrProcessorUtils : utility for simple invocations on imgscalr - Java Image-Scaling Library library to identify or resize an image file.
  • GraphicsMagickCommand : encapsulation to execute GraphicsMagick commands such as gm convert.
  • GraphicsMagickCommandUtils : utility for simpler invocations on GraphicsMagickCommand.
  • ImageMagickCommand : encapsulation to execute ImageMagick commands such as convert.
  • ImageMagickCommandUtils : utility for simpler invocations on ImageMagickCommand.

For more details and examples, please see API JavaDocs and Unit Tests.