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How to install the embargo plugin


These instruction assumes that you have an HST project based on the HST archetype, i.e. a Maven multiproject consisting of at least three submodules: cms, site and content.

Maven 2 repository

Add this repository to your root pom.xml (if it has not already been defined in a parent pom):

  <name>Bloomreach Forge maven 2 repository.</name>

Installation in CMS/Repository

  1. Add this property to the <properties> section of the root pom.xml:

    Select the correct version for your project, see the release notes.
  2. Add these two dependency to the pom.xml of your cms module (or cms-dependencies on 13 and up):

    Note: before version 5.0.0, the artifacts' coordinates were org.onehippo.forge.embargo:embargo-addon-frontend and org.onehippo.forge.embargo:embargo-addon-repository, respectively.
  3. Bloomreach 13 and up: add bootstrapping dependency to 'bloomreach-forge'.

    In the project repository-data/application module (repository-data/application/src/main/resources/hcm-module.yaml), make sure your project configuration is bootstrapped after the group 'bloomreach-forge':

      name: ...
      after: [hippo-cms, bloomreach-forge]
    project: ...
    module: ...
  4. Rebuild your project. After startup, you should have the embargo workflow and an example embargo-enabled usergroup.