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Enterprise version for Hippo 12

Since Hippo 12, there is an Enterprise-level follow-up of this plugin, called the URL Rewriter Enterprise Add-on. It is a copy of this plugin, with some alterations, and it will be maintained and supported by BloomReach.

Please refer to URL Rewriter documentation on

What is URL Rewriter?

URL Rewriter is a servlet filter that is an extension of Paul Tuckey's UrlRewriteFilter, but instead of a packaged xml file the filter is fed with data from CMS documents. So dynamically manageable instead of statically!

Since version 2.1.0, the plugin uses a Hippo fork of Paul Tuckey's UrlRewriteFilter which is at
The original is at with documentation at

Code base on GitHub

The code of this project is on GitHub at


The URL Rewriter supports the following options:

  • temporary-redirect - Redirect with 302 response code
  • permanent-redirect - Redirect with 301 response code
  • forward - Requests matching the "conditions" for this "rule", and the URL in the "from" element will be internally forwarded to the URL specified in the "to" element.
  • redirect - Requests matching the "conditions" and the "from" for this rule will be HTTP redirected
  • pre-include
  • post-include
  • proxy - The request will be proxied to the full url specified.

See more at using the URL rewriter

Project status

Version Hippo 11 Hippo 10 Hippo 7.9 Hippo 7.8 Hippo 7.7 Hippo 7.6
2.x x - - - - -
1.06.xx - x - - - -
1.05.xx - - x - - -
1.04.xx - - - x x -
1.03.xx - - - x x -
1.02.xx - - - - x x

The 1.01.xx versions are not to be used due to incompatibility with 1.02.xx and higher
See the release notes for detailed information.