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What is the properties plugin?

The properties plugin allows you to create simple CMS documents having a flat list of name/value pairs. It also provides easy locating and using these documents in your HST site frontend.

Using this plugin for site label localization is possible, however the usage of resource bundles is better supported as part of the XM product, see HST Dynamic Resource Bundles support and the HST Resource Bundle Editor Plugin. The advantage of using this plugin is that it support diffs between live and preview (edited) versions of the documents.

Usage of this plugin on behalf 'system' properties can still be applicable for your project.

Code base on GitHub

The code of the project is on GitHub at


CMS Document
See more screenshots here.

Project status

For the latest version of the property component, see the release notes.
The table below shows against which versions the plugin is developed. Which does not mean that version doesn't run against an earlier (or later) version of the CMS and HST.

Version CMS / Bloomreach XM HST
7.x 15.x 15.x
6.x 14.x 14.x
5.0.x 13.x 13.4.3
4.0.x 12.x 5.x
3.0.x 11.x 4.x
2.10.xx 7.9 (2.26.xx), 10.x 2.28.xx
2.08.xx 7.8 (2.24.xx) 2.26.xx
2.07.03 - 2.07.09 7.7 (2.22.xx) 2.24.xx
2.07.00 - 2.07.02 7.6 (2.20.xx) 2.22.xx
2.06.00 7.5 (2.18.xx) 2.20.xx
2.05.00 - 2.05.01 7.4 (2.16.xx) 2.04.03
2.04.00 7.3 (2.12.02+) 2.04.03
2.02.00, 2.03.00 2.10.xx - 2.12.01 2.04.xx
2.01.00 7.2 (2.09.xx) 2.04.xx
1.01.00 - 1.02.01 7.1 (2.06.xx) 2.03.14+