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Release Notes


Release Date: 7 September 2020

  • [HIPFORGE-370] Compatibility with Bloomreach Experience Manager 14.2.2


Release Date: 5 August 2020

  • Compatibility with Bloomreach Experience Manager 13.4.3.


Release Date: 11 October 2017

  • Minor bugfixes for yaml configuration


Release Date: 31 July 2017

  • Made plugin compatible with CMS 12.
  • Updated parent POM and CMS + HST dependency versions
  • Migrated bootstrap resources of both the plugin and the demo to YAML
  • Upgraded the demo to CMS 12, including migration to log4j2
  • Removed unused/broken "dist" profile


Release Date: 21 Aug 2016

  • Removed last old style translation left over


Release Date: 21 Aug 2016

  • Fix some old style translation left over


Release Date: 16 Aug 2016

  • Upgrade properties plugin to be compatible with CMS 11


Release Date: 22 July 2014

  • Updated documentation for Hippo CMS 7.9.


Release Date: 10 Apr 2014

  • Upgraded for Hippo CMS 7.9, involving Java 7 and Wicket 6. Incompatible with 7.8 or lower.
  • Usage of the plugin for site labels is deprecated for Hippo CMS 7.9. That functionality has been followed up by HST Dynamic Resource Bundles in combination with HST Resource Bundle Editor Plugin.


Release Date: 3 Jul 2014

  • HIPPLUG-794
    Fixed warning during construction of CachingPropertiesManagerImpl.


Release Date: 25 Nov 2013

  • HIPPLUG-684
    Deprecate the non caching PropertiesManagerImpl as it is very bad for performance.
  • HIPPLUG-685
    Improve caching of CachingPropertiesManagerImpl to also cache null values.

2.08.00 (18 Feb 2013)

Release Date: 18 Feb 2013


  • Pom and documentation improvements.


  • HIPPLUG-481
    Support in the <properties:property /> tag for formatting a property value with nested tag <properties:param />.


  • HIPPLUG-439
    Improved cache invalidation when using CachingPropertiesManagerImpl.


  • Tried to solve HIPPLUG-439 but introduced a bug: please do NOT use this version.


  • HIPPLUG-423
    Fix NullPointerException in CachingPropertiesManagerImpl when locale is not given.


  • HIPPLUG-293
    Add support for a language parameter on the property tag.


  • Compatibility with CMS 7.7 (2.22.xx) and HST 2.24.xx.
  • French translations on properties documents folder queries.


  • Adding request.getLocale() to the PropertiesManager#getPropertiesBean call within the jsp tag <properties:property />.
  • Using org.hippoecm.hst.tag.HstTagSupport as base for PropertyTag.
  • Added CMS queries new-properties-document and new-properties-folder to be set as foldertype property on folders.


  • Support for translated properties documents in site:
    - Note: API change!
    Added a java.util.Locale argument to the PropertiesManager#getPropertiesBean methods, resulting in three extra methods.
    - Introduced AbstractPropertiesManager implementation class for extendability.
  • Support for a Spring configured default location that is outside of the site content root.
    Note: behaviour change!
    If the property 'defaultDocumentLocation' of PropertiesManager starts with slash ('/'), the location is retrieved relative to repository root, not relative to the bean given in API call. When upgrading, current implementations should remove any starting slash in order to be backwards compatible.
  • Added a CMS configuration item (a filter on configuration browser) to hide the properties namespace from doc type editor.


  • Compatibility with CMS 7.6 (2.20.00 and up) and HST 2.22.xx.


  • Compatibility with CMS 7.5 (2.18.00 and up) and HST 2.20, including support in Properties document type for the multilanguage feature of CMS 7.5. PropertiesUpgrader18a reloads cnd and namespace.
  • In CMS, made the properties list orderable.
  • Formalized PropertiesManager API: retrieve PropertiesBeans instead of a Map, plus the introduction of static PropertiesUtil to get those maps. Previous methods are deprecated.
  • Automatic fallback to default document in case of given document paths that are null.
  • Removed the never used functionality of getting properties found at current bean's level and upwards.
  • Introduction of the jsp tag <properties:property /> for easy retrieval of properties (labels) in the view layer.
  • Improvements for cache invalidation in combination with properties documents in subfolders.


  • Set hippo:version in the repository addon to the same as the end tag of the upgrader to CMS 7.4, which is 'v16a-properties'.


  • Runs on Hippo CMS 7.4 (2.16.00 and up), involving a namespace bump to version 2.2.
  • The Maven groupId of all artifacts has been changed to


  • Runs on Hippo CMS 7.3 (2.12.02 and up), involving a namespace bump to version 2.1.


  • Introduction of a CachingPropertiesManager plus a PropertiesEventListener for invalidation of the cache, both to be set up in the site's Spring configuration.
  • The artifacts 'properties-hst-api' and 'properties-hst-client' are merged, leaving only 'properties-hst-client'.
  • Rename of the former PropertiesBean to PropertiesMap, plus introduction of a new PropertiesBean that can be used to cache properties documents.


  • Runs on CMS 2.10.00 and up.


  • Runs on CMS 2.09.00.


  • Properties Component allowing to create simple CMS documents having a flat list of name/value pairs
  • Easy locating and using the properties documents in a HST site frontend.