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What is the IFrame Perspective Plugin?

The IFrame Perspective Plugin privides an IFrame based CMS Perspective Plugin, with keeping the navigation states of the IFrame element.

Security Considerations

By default, Hippo CMS web application doesn't allow to navigate a URL from a different origin in the iframeprspectiv plugin.

If you want to allow some specific known sites to be navigated in the plugin, then you might want to configure the following properties to set the corresponding response headers.

Note: please refer to the Installation page for details.

Property Name Corresponding HTTP Header
x-frame-options X-Frame-Options
content-security-policy Content-Security-Policy
x-content-security-policy X-Content-Security-Policy
x-webkit-csp X-Webkit-CSP

Demo Application

Check out demo application

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Build the project using Maven:

$ mvn install

And, build and run the demo in the demo subfolder.

$ cd demo
$ mvn clean verify
$ mvn -P

And, visit http://localhost:8080/cms. You can click the last perspective tab to switch to the IFrame Perspective.