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Bloomreach XM Document Commenting Plugin

This project provides commenting functionality for content authors and editors in CMS authoring application.

Check out demo application

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Build the project using Maven:

$ mvn install

And, build and run the demo in the demo subfolder.

$ cd demo
$ mvn clean package
$ mvn -P

Visit http://localhost:8080/cms/.

Testing with Demo Application

Run the demo project and visit CMS applicatio. Edit a news article document. Then you will see 'Comments' field on the right pane. You can add/edit/delete comments there.

Screenshot 1

When you add or edit a comment, a dialog is popped up to edit.

Screenshot 2

If you edit an event article document, then you will see an extended plugin with a slight customization. This customization adds 'Priority' pick list in the dialog. Also, the comment list view will show tooltips for the priority selection.

Screenshot 3