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Breadcrumb Plugin

The Breadcrumb plugin is an HST component, providing the structure of your site based on a menu and also on the repository structure.

Installation instructions

Instructions on how to obtain and install the plugin can be found on the install page.

How it looks

To see how the Breadcrumb Plugin looks go the screenshots page

Project status

The latest version of the Breadcrumb Plugin is compatible with Bloomreach Experience Manager 14. Use an earlier version range for previous versions. See the release notes for details.

Version Bloomreach XM / Hippo CMS Version
4.x 14.x
3.x 13.x
2.x 12.x
1.4.0, 1.5.0 11.2.x
1.03.xx 10.2
1.02.xx 7.9
1.01.xx 7.8