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These instructions assume that you have a Bloomreach Experience project based on the archetype, i.e. a Maven multi-module project consisting of at least three submodules: cms, site and repository-data.

Add the Forge repository configuration

In the main pom.xml of the project, in the repositories section, add this repository if it is not configured there yet.

      <name>Hippo Forge Maven 2 repository.</name>

Installation in Site

  1. Add the plugin version to the main pom.xml of the project


    Note: always check for the latest version number and compatibility with the project on the Release Notes page.

  2. Add the following dependency to the site components pom.xml


    Note: before version 4.0.0, the artifacts' groupId was org.onehippo.forge

  3. Add the following dependency to your cms-dependencies pom.xml


    Note: this artifact exists since version 4.1.0.

  4. Make sure your project bootstraps after 'bloomreach-forge' group. Typically, add it in file repository-data/application/src/main/resources/hcm-module.yaml:
      name: <your-group-name>
      after: [hippo-cms, bloomreach-forge]
  5. Rebuild your project using Maven and go to configuration.