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Q: What are the goals of Hippo JCR POJO Binding?

This is not a general purpose POJO mapping/binding library like JPA. It supports a simple mapping/binding for JCR item data only with a built-in POJO beans (ContentNode and ContentProperty). So, this project provides you with totally detachable simple POJO models from JCR content items in a way.

This simplicity is intended to serve as a lower-level mapping/binding and marshalling/unmarshaling needs. This library can be used in higher level applications like a content exporting/importing module which should handle more than simple content binding/mapping (e.g, document workflow handling).

Q: Why are there no releases per Hippo CMS major version?

The module itself is not using any features of Hippo CMS and the dependencies are scoped to 'provided' for most API jars such as JCR API, Hippo Repository API jars. The module has been verified to work with Hippo CMS 10 and onwards. See also the release notes.