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What is HST - Apache Shiro Integration Support?

Apache Shiro is a powerful and easy-to-use Java security framework that performs authentication, authorization, cryptography, and session management.

HST - Apache Shiro Integration Support project provides seamless integration with Apache Shiro for HST-2 SITE applications.

Mainly, HST - Apache Shiro Integration Support project provides the following:

Because Apache Shiro provides a lot of out-of-box security integration solutions such as RDBMS, LDAP and CAS authentication, you can take advantage of those with HST-2!

Running Demo Application

Check out demo application

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Build the project using Maven:

$ mvn install

And, build and run the demo in the demo subfolder.

$ cd demo
$ mvn clean package
$ mvn -P

Testing the Demo Application

  • If you visit http://localhost:8080/site/, then by default, you can navigate all the pages except of /events/** pages. Please refer to the configuration in /WEB-INF/shiro.ini for the access configuration.
  • You can sign in by author/author, editor/editor or admin/admin. And, you will be able to see different roles and permissions assigned to you in the Hippo Repository security data store.
  • Please see Repository Authorization and Permissions for details on how to configure Authorization in Hippo Repository.

Project status

Please see Release Notes.