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Hippo Repository JCR/WebDAV Support

Apache Jackrabbit support JCR Webdav Server.

Jackrabbit JCR Webdav Server is different from Jackrabbit Simple Webdav Server explained in the Simple WebDAV Support page.

Jackrabbit JCR Webdav Server is for JCR API access through underlying internal WebDAV communication, whereas Jackrabbit Simple Webdav Server is for WebDAV access against the backend JCR, mostly for file resources.

This module supports JCR/WebDAV connections for Hippo Repository by extending the default JCR Webdav Server. So, you can use JCR APIs against a remote Hippo Repository via JCR over WebDAV connections by using this module.

WARNING: This module support pure JCR API only. It DOES NOT SUPPORT Hippo specific workflow APIs.

Demo Application

Check out demo application

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Build the project using Maven:

$ mvn install

And, build and run the demo in the demo subfolder.

$ cd demo
$ mvn clean package
$ mvn -P

Visit http://localhost:8080/site/ and try examples:

Each source file of those can be found in '/site/examples/about1.jsp', '/site/examples/about2.jsp', and '/site/examples/about3.jsp'.