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What is the Embargo plugin?

The embargo plugin allows you to put CMS documents, assets and images under embargo, that is, it adds a flag that sets the documents in a confidential state. No one has access to a document under embargo unless he belongs to the group that set the embargo flag. Groups can be given the embargo privilege by adding them to the embargo security domain. Thus, new users and new groups can be added and enabled for embargo operations. These groups don't see each other's embargo content.

Code base

The code is on GitHub at at

Project status

The latest version of the embargo plugin is running on Hippo 12. The table below shows for which Hippo versions the plugin is available. See also the release notes.

Embargo Plugin Hippo Release
4.x 12.x
3.x 11.x
2.x 10.x
1.03.00 7.9
1.02.00 7.8
1.01.06 and lower 7.7

See the Hippo JIRA for a list of bugs and feature requests, in its Embargo Component.