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Advanced Search Taxonomy Workflow Plugin

Advanced Search Taxonomy Workflow plugin provides the cms users an ability to simultaneously set multiple documents with selected taxonomy categories using the Advanced Search perspective.

Assume that you already enabled taxonomy to one or more document types, and you have created a taxonomy. Using advanced search, you can filter those documents you want to change, and set them altogether with your selected taxonomy categories.

The CMS administrator can configure the taxonomy name to populate categories.

Code base on GitHub

The code of this project is on GitHub at

Install instructions

Instructions on how to obtain and install the plugin can be found on the install page.

Advanced Search Taxonomy Workflow Plugin in action

You can build the Demo Project or check out the screenshots.

Compatibility Table

The latest version of the Content Blocks Plugin is compatible with Hippo 10.1. See the release notes for details.

Version Hippo CMS Suite
4.x 13.x
3.x 12.x
2.x 11.x
1.x 10.1+